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Users have only a limited amount of time to fill in or change their predictions. For matches you can choose between a certain amount of time before the kickoff of the match (dynamic time), or a single date/time for all matches. The default is a dynamic time setting of 900 seconds (= 15 minutes) before the start of a match. Bonus questions each have an 'answer before' date and time. But you may override these individual values with a single stop time for all bonus questions. The default is to allow for a 'answer before' time per question. The times in the options and the 'answer before' times in the bonus question admin must be entered in local time. (The stores them in the database in UTC.)


Matches have to be entered or imported with UTC times for the kickoff. The admin screen also shows the times for the match in your own timezone (according to the setting) so you can check if the times are correct. Tip: Always test if your timezone setting and times are correct. Change the date of one of your bonus questions and one of your matches (or the corresponding stop time in the settings) and check if the question and match are correctly blocked or open. If not, check your settings and settings.


The uses 3 different scores that are rewarded to players for the match predictions they do. The toto points are rewarded if the right match result is predicted (win, loss or draw). A player gets the full score if also the exact amount of goals was predicted. If you set the goal bonus to anything other than zero (default is zero), then this bonus is added to the scored points. The goal bonus is rewarded if the goals predicted are right; even if the match result was wrong (e.g. result is 2-1 and user predicted 1-1).


The players of the are ranked in a list (a ranking) that adds up the points scored for all matches and all questions in the pool (default). But the also has the ability to calculate a ranking of just a subset of the matches and/or bonus questions (e.g. a ranking for the first half of the season and one for the second half). If you want to use this feature make a new ranking and attach the required matches and/or questions; this is the ranking definition. The custom rankings can be used with the ranking shortcode, in a ranking widget or on the ranking and charts page.


The supports placing players in different leagues. For example when you want to group players per department, or friends and family, or paying and non-paying, etc. When playing with leagues an admin has to 'approve' the league for which a player subscribed. That can be done on the Users page . If using leagues all players have to be a member of a league, otherwise they are not considered to be a football player.


There are two ways the can handle your blog users: via leagues or not via leagues. If playing with leagues your blog users have to be added to an active league. New subscribers to your blog must choose a league when subscribing, but existing users have to change this setting after the is installed (or the admin can do this for them). If not playing with leagues all your blog users are automatically players i. If you want to exclude some players from the rankings (e.g. the admin), you can disable them in the Users page of the Football.


User Interface


The user can bet in grouped teams that administrator has prepared for betting.


The ranking table is displayed in a funsy way.

User Menu & Rules

User friendly menu.

Results and UpComing Events

There are displayed results and upcoming events in a kindly time table.

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